Find Your Own Enough.

Hello and welcome! At Find Enough, you’ll discover content that supports better wealth, health, and happiness. That means in-depth discussions on: my journey towards rapid debt repayment; my experience with eschewing consumerist habits; strategies for more intentional living; financial literacy; value-based living; staying healthy on the cheap, physically and mentally; and more.

My Rapid Debt Repayment Experience

In late 2016, I was a 30-year old who had just gotten married, purchased a new home, gone on a major vacation and begun a massive home remodel (all while still paying off my student loans)…and I was tapped out. It took a call from a contractor requesting more money before something clicked for me and I finally saw my debt for the emergency it was.

I started this blog as an accountability device for my journey to pay off my $282,874.50 in debt. I’m throwing every extra dollar I can at my debt and documenting the lifestyle changes it’s taking to do so.

Better Health, Wealth and Happiness

Along the way it’s begun to evolve into something more and I have uncovered a deep passion for helping young women, like myself, become financially and personally empowered through information and education.

My own naivete in my early 20s is why I have such a significant financial burden to tackle now in my early 30s. Everyone is at a different place in their journey to financial freedom and I hope, in some small way, this platform can help others find their own version of ‘enough’ somewhere along the way.